Saturday, 4 July 2009

Reporting for duty and all that.

Do we have to call Michael "Sir"? Bagsie I'm his favourite who gets to, like, clean his boots and whatnot. Especially if that means I won't get told off so much when I post an entry ENTIRELY IN ALLCAPS. You know I've got it in me.

Also a special hello to Andrew who is the only contributor I don't know, I think. HELLO. I am Emma and I often post in allcaps. It's like a disease.

(I am listening to a playlist consisting of Hairspray, High School Music, Mamma Mia!, Hunchback of Natre Dame and The Little Mermaid as I post this. Appropriate, no?)

The layout is good. I suspect I would have made it far too pink. The title, though, is sheer genius. I am imagining Gretchen fell out with the Cool Asians and started hanging out in the library. What group are we part of? (I am totally voting for "Girls Who Eat Their Feelings", btw).

I would like a weekend day I think. But am happy with anything, really. Eee.


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